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Jansen Walsh and Grace

Jansen Walsh & Grace is here to help you if you are recently bereaved to start to deal with your loved one’s affairs.

We understand that a bereavement can be a distressing experience. You may not wish to face the legal formalities of administering the estate of your loved one on your own.

We are here to help during this stressful and anxious time, providing you with the support you need.

We provide guidance, support and assistance with the probate process — depending on whether or not there is a valid Will — and administering the deceased's estate.

If you are in a hospital, or incapacitated, or in a retirement village, we can visit you.

Special Offer
Focussing on the practical issues you never had to deal with before, if you are a widow, a widower or the surviving domestic partner, we offer a free no-obligation 20 minute appointment, by appointment, where you can come as a first point of contact when your loved one has died.

Have you been appointed as an Executor of an estate?

Are you not sure what is required of an Executor?

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and our firm is experienced in this area. We are equipped to assist you in obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration. We see to the gathering in of the deceased's assets (as well as real estate) and then attending to the ultimate distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries. We will attend to preparation of all documents, liaise with banks and financial institutions, superannuation companies, real estate agents and all other organisations in order to gather in all the assets of the estate. We take care of it all.

We also understand that these times are very upsetting and that emotions can run high.

Managing the expectations of the beneficiaries can cause unnecessary stress.

If you are an executor and there are other beneficiaries in the estate, the other beneficiaries may come and pester you and say that they want their legacies and distributions before the 6 months’ period have expired — exposing you to risk.

We are here to ensure that you have appropriate support and we will always be close at hand to assist you.

"Do I need probate"
An application to the Supreme Court for a grant of probate or letters of administration can be expensive.  You do not usually need a grant of representation:
  • if there is real property, but the deceased held it as joint registered proprietor;
  • for assets in a superannuation fund;
  • for assets held in a family trust or a unit trust or a hybrid trust;
  • for most assets valued at less than $50,000.
You will require a grant of representation if:
  • there is real property (other than held as joint registered proprietor);
  • there is an accommodation bond;
  • there is a lease or licence of a unit in a retirement village;
  • there are term deposits or bank accounts with a value of $50,000 or more.

If the value of the  assets of the estate is $107,160 or less, the Supreme Court will prepare a grant of representation for the fee of $118.50.

Unfortunately, the value of most estates exceeds this.

Supreme Court probate fees increase
From 30 September 2018, grieving widows, widowers and children will have to pay up to $2,051.90 to the Supreme Court of Victoria to obtain a grant.  The precise fee will vary on the size of the estate.  Until then, large estate only had to pay $320.00.  The good news is that the application fee for estates less than $1 million will decrease to $60.70.  So, if the value of the assets of the estate exceed $1 million and you lodge it before 1 October, you will same money on the filing fee.