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About us

We have 10 years' experience in providing drafting superannuation deeds and providing advice.

We also deal with limited recourse borrowing arrangements purchases, superannuation contributions in the form of in specie transfers of property, transfers on the end of the limited recourse borrowing arrangement, and payment of benefits to members in the form of in specie transfers of property. 

We offer advice on your Contract of Sale before you buy: normally $275, but only $110 (free if you retain us for your conveyance) or $150 for off-the-plan purchases (also free if you retain us for your conveyance).

Tightening of investor lending
Property investment lending got tighter!  APRA has issued a directive to the banks which requires them to tighten up the lending criteria for property investors.  This includes a stricter assessment for the borrower's income and increasing the amount the borrower must contribute to the purchase. As a result of the directive from APRA, lenders are now tightening up their lending to investors to meet APRA’s requirements that annual investor lending growth be no more than 10%.  Westpac, for example, requires borrowers to contribute 20% of the purchase price.

Furthermore, we are finding that many valuations for investment properties are coming in at 10% to 15% lower than purchase prices or because of the new APRA directive to lenders.

However, one lender based in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is offering lending for property investments in Australia, including Melbourne, without the investor having to fund any of the purchase price.

Abolition of off-the-plan duty concession for investors
The concession for land transfer duty for buying an investment property off-the-plan was eliminated on 1 July 2017.

Warning about paying Vendor's legal costs
Watch out!  Some conveyancers for vendors are making purchasers agree to pay part of the vendor's legal costs by disguising it in a special condition in the Contract of Sale.